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Hello my name is Lance Casey and I'm a private investigator in Sacramento California I specialized in conducting small claims court investigations I help small claims plaintiffs by locating their debtors legal name and address serving the SC 100 plaintiffs claim in order to go to small claims court serving the SC 107 small claim subpoena for personal appearance and production of documents and my judgment collection agency will help you collect your judgment after you win in court I am NOT an attorney and don't consider this legal advice but watch the video until the end I will give you one of my judgment recovery tips how to locate the judgment debtors and current employer what is small claims court small claims court is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively the rules are simple and informal the person who sues is the plaintiff the person who is sued is the defendant in small claims court you may ask a lawyer for advice before you go to court but you cannot have a lawyer in court your small claim cannot be for more than $5,000 if you are a business or public entity or for more than $10,000 if you're a natural person if you have a claim for more than this amount you may sue in the Civil Division of the trial court or you may sue in the small claims court and give up your right to the amount over the bill you cannot however file more than two cases in small claims court for more than $2,500 each calendar year completing the court form SC 100 plaintiffs claim in order to go to small claims court is pretty simple the most important part is how did you identify the defendant who is the person that you're suing if you get this step wrong it could cause problems for you later when you're attempting to recover the judgment you can fix it by filing the proper paperwork and fees with the County Courthouse but why not get it correct from the very beginning you must sue using the defendants exact legal name I'm going to repeat that you must sue using the defendants exact legal name that's very important if the defendant is a business or corporation and you do not know the exact legal name check with the state or losen local licensing agency the county clerk's office or the office of the Secretary of State and if you're still having trouble determining the defendants exact legal name a private investigator Sacramento like myself can help you with that I can help you find the defendants exact legal name so that when you complete the SC 100 a complaint is claimed in order to go to small claims court when it's time to collect the judgment you have the defendants exact legal name how does the defendant find out about the claim this is where I can help you I can serve.


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