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San bernardino small claims s Form: What You Should Know

Use the link below to start your download. Locate an Attorney — Small Claims — County Locate an attorney near you on the state bar's Locate a Lawyer list. Use this to find local attorneys with whom to contact for small claims and landlord/tenant matters, including eviction. If you are represented by a lawyer, you should also consult the Rules of Professional Conduct for California Lawyers. How to Use the California Guide to Small Claims (and Civil Cases) for your own cases: • Start your online search by clicking on the “Find a Lawyer” or “Find a Claims Advisor” links below. If your search does not include a “Find a Lawyer” or “Find a Claims Advisor” link, continue to the next section. • On the next page, follow the instructions under the “Where does my claim go?” heading to get a brief overview of the court system in your jurisdiction. • If you'd like to talk to a lawyer about your case, select all or a portion of the court papers you would like to see from the list of claims, such as a Notice of Claim or Petition to Reconsider. For cases that involve multiple parties, you can select the number of the claim that is important to you (e.g., “Number 1”), or select “Choose My Own Papers”. • You should now be able to read your lawsuit, pleadings, or other supporting documents. • If you still have questions that are not addressed below, simply contact the small claims officer nearest you. You do not need to be the party named in the lawsuit. If you have a question about the small claims' system, please contact our friendly, knowledgeable small claims attorneys today. • Contact the Small Claims Office at. You may be able to receive a free Small Claims Self Help Kit with information on how to use the system. • You can view the forms online by clicking on the link to access the forms on the website. The forms are available in English or in Spanish for those living in select counties. The information provided on this site is meant as general information only. This site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing San bernardino Small Claims Forms

Instructions and Help about San bernardino Small Claims Forms

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