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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to fill out small claims forms

Instructions and Help about How to fill out small claims forms

Music the small claims court provides an inexpensive and simplified process for litigants to resolve legal issues where the demand or value of property involved does not exceed five thousand dollars it's the place where people come to resolve their everyday civil legal actions once you have filed your case the clerk's office will set a date for your pretrial hearing the plaintiff that is the person initiating the case will receive a notice by regular mail they defendant that is the person the case is filed against will receive a notice by certified mail or may be served by a process server the method in which the defendant is served is determined by the plaintiff the notice will indicate the date time and location you need to appear for your hearing small claims hearings are conducted at two locations in Pinellas County the st. Petersburg judicial building at 5:45 first Avenue north and the historic County Courthouse at three to four South Fort Harrison Avenue include water it's very important to show up at a pre-trial hearing if you are the plaintiff and you do not appear at the pre-trial hearing your case may be dismissed if the defendant does not appear at the pre-trial hearing and has been successfully served the hearing officer will make a recommendation as to the outcome of the case if the defendant does not appear because they have not been successfully served the pre-trial hearing will be continued or rescheduled so that the defendant can be served you can check with a clerk's office or your private server to see if the defendant has been served to check the docket for the latest action on your case go to WWII Ellis Clerk org next click on public records then click on court records public view under the heading court records view links on the next screen select all case records search at the top of the screen select search by case and enter your case number in the case number box or search by name it is important for you to show up for your pretrial hearing even if you are not sure the defendant was served if the defendant is not served your pre-trial hearing will need to be rescheduled it will be your responsibility to follow up and contact the clerk's office in writing to request issuance of an alias second or plurals third or subsequent summons with a new pre-trial hearing date and time your pretrial hearing will be heard by a hearing officer a hearing officer is an attorney that has been appointed by the chief judge to oversee hearings and make recommendations to the judge a hearing officer should be addressed with the same respect as a judge when addressing the hearing officer it is appropriate to use ma'am or sir when you enter the courtroom you may be asked to state your name so that the court clerk and hearing officer know you have arrived if.

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